Southside Parish Renewal (SPR) is a community of vibrant parishes striving to grow stronger in faith together through shared ministry, inclusion, spiritual enrichment, and celebration. SPR was created as an outgrowth of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Renew My Church process.

The goal is to be a driving force for renewed faith engagement in our parish communities. The success of the program will depend on the support and active involvement of a broad range of our parishioners as we work toward this goal. We recognize that SPR will be most effective if it uses the energy and best practices that come from community-wide discussions and programs to bring positive change to our individual parishes. We are strong individually; we are even better when we work together.

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The Purpose of the Southside Parish Renewal Effort

Southside Parish Renewal (SPR) is a community of vibrant parishes striving to grow stronger in faith together through inclusion, celebration, spiritual enrichment, and shared ministry.

SPR is driven by lay parishioners from Christ the King, St. Barnabas, St. Cajetan, and St. John Fisher parishes, with the support and guidance of our clergy. Our goal is to strengthen the faith lives of Catholics in our community by addressing the reasons for the increased disengagement from parish and faith life. Much of our work will occur through a committee structure focusing on suggesting proactive responses to this disengagement. These factors include:

  • A sense of isolation and disconnect from parish and community life;
  • A desire for meaningful and welcoming liturgical celebrations;
  • A need for spiritual growth through biblical and doctrinal formation activities; and
  • A search for opportunities to grow and express our Catholic faith by doing good things for the less fortunate.

We will enlist committee members from a range of backgrounds, faith experiences, and age groups, and ask that those committee members also serve as a leadership group that will create and foster a new era of community-wide engagement in our faith.

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Southside Parish Renewal Committees

We have created a committee structure that reflects and is designed to address, with humility and candor, reasons many Catholics have drifted from their parish and faith life. These committees will be chaired by members of the SPR Board and will include members from all of the SPR parishes.

Inclusion Committee

A great number of Catholics feel that they do not have a meaningful community life where each feels accepted, valued and visible.

The Inclusion Committee will work to develop strategies that will create a culture of inclusion in each of our parishes, where people from all corners of the community experience radical hospitality and realize that they are in a welcoming, and compelling, Christian community.

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Liturgy Committee

Our parishes, and our pastors, are always pressed to develop high-quality and compelling prayer, music, and worship services for a parish community of diverse interests. This challenge is greater in an environment where there are extraordinary demands on the time and attention of our priests.

The Liturgy Committee will provide a forum for ideas and programs that will help each parish, and the SPR parishes as a whole, to provide thoughtful and engaging approaches to enhance their worship activities.

It also will identify ways for the SPR parishes to coordinate worship activities in creative ways so that the community is presented with new options for worship and the schedules of the clergy can be rationalized.

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Shared Ministries Committee

An important way for our parishes to engage members in their faith is to provide meaningful opportunities for missionary commitment. These activities move the parishioners out of the pews into service of those in need, and in the process enhance the faith lives of those engaged in these ministries.

The Shared Ministries Committee will review the ministry offerings of each of the SPR parishes, identify areas where the activities might be combined into an area-wide ministry, and share best practices to help improve and expand the ministries offered at each parish.

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Spiritual Enrichment Committee

The Spiritual Enrichment Committee will develop spiritual experiences, practices, and educational events that pique the curiosity and address the needs of our faith communities.

Our mission is to help our parishioners foster a deeper and richer relationship with Jesus through a strong and fruitful spiritual life. The Committee will support the experiences offered by the SPR parishes, share best practices, and periodically implement combined programs that enrich our larger southside community.

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Mass Schedules

Pastor: Fr. Larry Sullivan

9235 South Hamilton Avenue

Monday 8:30 am

Tuesday 8:30 am

Wednesday 8:30 am

Thursday 8:30 am

Friday 8:30 am

(Friday Communion service)

Saturday 8:30 am & 5:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am & 11:00 am

Pastor: Fr. James Donovan

10134 S. Longwood Drive

Monday 6:45 am

Tuesday 8:45 am

Wednesday 6:45 am

Thursday 8:45 am

(Wed & Thurs Communion service)

Friday 6:45 am

Saturday 4:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am & 10:00 am

Pastor: Fr. Ken Budzikowski

2445 W 112th St

Monday 8:30 am

Tuesday 8:30 am

Thursday 8:30 am

Saturday 4:00 pm

Sunday 9:00 am & 11:00 am

Pastor: Fr. Ken Budzikowski

10234 S. Washtenaw

Monday 8:15 am

Wednesday 8:15 am

Friday 8:15 am

Saturday 4:00 pm

Sunday 8:00 am & 11:00 am